Story of Govardhana Giri — the hill that is reducing in size everyday

Govardhana Giri is the son of Dronachala Giri. One day a sage, Pulastya, wanted the Govardhana giri as his place of thapas. Govardhana Giri was filled with unimaginable goodness. It provided all the fodder for cows during Krishna’s time and was the main source of vegetation for the entire vrindavan village.

Govardhana HIll — courtesy: Pinterest

When the sage asked the permission of Dronachala giri, he directed the sage to consult his son and ask for son’s wish and he will not interfere. Govardhana Giri was excited to join the sage on his journey. But he laid a condition to the sage saying that “If you place me down at any time during travel, I will remain in that place and not move any further”. The sage agreed to this and lifted govardhana and held him on his back. He started walking towards his destination enroute Vrindavan. Thinking about Lord Krishna and melting in his thoughts sage Pulastya placed govardhana down. Govardhana was thrilled to be in Vrindavan and to become the favourite hill of Krishna in the future. He told the sage he will not move any further as per their agreement.

The sage got enraged and cursed Govardhana that everyday in every way it will grow little and finally will reach the size of a sesame seed. So what was originally 115 kms long, 72 kms wide and 29 kms high is a mere 80 ft. tall hill now.

Till date, worshipers of Lord Krishna pay utmost respect to Govardhana hill in different ways. It is well connected through roads from Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.



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