Purva Bhadrapada / Poorattadhi captured using mobile astrophotography

Hurray we have come to our 25th Nakshatra! Do you believe that? Thanks a lot for the encouragement and sailing along :-)

This Nakshatra,Purvabhadrapada , which means “the first of the blessed feet” is closely linked with its next star Uttarabhadrapada. While I was reading about this lunar mansion and its reigning deity, Ajaekapadha, much of the detail is covered in the link provided.

Ekapada also called Ekapada Murthy is one of the lesser-known forms of God Shiva. Who is usually seen in a standing erect position on a single leg which signifies that Shiva as the supreme god and the pillar of the universe. This form of God Shiva is mainly found in temples of South India and Orissa. He is described as one among the 64 forms of God Shiva as well as in the 25 Leela Murtis. This form is also mentioned in Vedas, Agamas, and several holy scriptures. The idols of this form can be usually seen in large Shaivait temples of Southern India as statues inside the temple or depicted on the gopuras. In Orissa, this diety is considered as Ekapadabhairava and is a common sight to see him among the deity statues present in the old temples.

Let us see the Poorattadhi Nakshatra captured as part of Pegasus Constellation.

The alpha and beta Pegasi constitute the Nakshatra as follows:

α Pegasi — Markab

β Pegasi — Scheat

The Pegasus constellation contains 15 formally named stars. The star names approved by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) are Algenib, Alkarab, Anadolu, Biham, Enif, Helvetios, Homam, Markab, Matar, Morava, Sadalbari, Salm, Scheat, Solaris, and Tangra.

Next we will see Uttarataadhi/Uttarabadhra-padha. Until then, have a great day :-)



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