Gratitude and shout out post :-)


To each their own : Nature : Anu Nandakumar

I am glad I had informed some of you about my possible absence in this space prior…working in a remote place was surprisingly calming, enjoyable and was a good co-incidence for digital, virtual detox too…you guys are just awesome for the way you have shared vibes with me and thankful, grateful for those of you who had reached out to me too :-) .

Isabel Noronha: my kind friend, hope you continue to write and inspire me as always dear. Check her work @ , hope you enjoy it just as I did.

Jason Edmunds, thanks for the mention about my work in your space…before the break, I could not respond in detail and had been busy with some work. Continue to spread your kindness as always. Will catch up reading your work very soon :-)

Jenny Lane : A fellow over-thinker and the one who mesmerizes me with her articulate writing ! Jenny thank you for sharing your work. I would some day need to draft a separate list about your work. In the meanwhile, I loved this from the most recent :

Cendrine Marrouat & David Ellis : Thanks for appreciating my art-work and the poetry and for sharing them. I lack your professional approach to poems…but I hope to learn them soon!

Victor Bhaura : My dose of science in medium was with your posts Victor….whenever I could login, I checked out your posts in the past month!

Elliott Black: is another favourite writer here, check out his page too…

Jonathan Townend : I have been taking quick glances whenever I logged in…hope to catch up in detail soon :-)

Keep writing, keep sharing and keep inspiring people. Happy to have found you all!





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