The Path — Art illustration by Anu Nandakumar

Path to a wonderful utopian world

Never existed and is certainly not gold

Take a path to see who you really are in the mirror

For you will never otherwise see it all through ever

You choose who you are for your path, stand tall

You try conveying it with respect and all

You are shut by them with no say

Don’t dismay, silence is golden in conveying your kindness this way

Keep being respectful, thankful and kind

For you are this and much more in your mind

So are they

However are they

Path of kindness is indeed a bed of roses

Those thorns prick you in doses

You will keep attracting kindness your way

It makes those thorn pricks eventually go away

Keep seeking with kindness

The value will be embraced with respect and happiness :-)




Illustration : @arn-story Anu Nandakumar

Stop me at the border,

Fleeing from a nation at war.

I cannot be a refugee,

I have blue eyes and blonde hair,

I am civilized.


Stop me at the border,

I have black hair and brown skin,

Sorry, you are not included!

You are the model refugee.

You are not a Christian!


Stop me at the border,

Asian or African in another nation.

Oh skin tone even darker?

Perfect, you are my target.

You can be any religion!


Stop me at the border,

Yeah white, brown, black,

It is just red blood inside,

Inclusion, a norm for humanity?

Only when shown in thought, speech and activity!

  • Have a wonderful day ❤️




Digital Art by author : Anu Nandakumar

She is divine feminine!
Overflowing energy to
Create and Destroy.
Birth of thoughts
Good and bad
Right and wrong
White and Black.

She is divine feminine!
the mother
the divine self
the river of love.

She is divine feminine!
She knows to forgive
To expand the universe
And seek plethora.
She knows…